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About Our Staff

Erik D. Frye, Attorney

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Erik D. Frye graduated from Cornell University in 1988, and started working at the busy law practice of John B. Low, PA, in 1989. He continued with John's practice through law school, starting as a law clerk and legal assistant, and gaining first-hand experience in cases and eventually litigation. Erik graduated the Washington College of Law in 1992, and started his own practice in 1993.

Erik has spent more than 20 years helping to negotiate the most favorable compensation possible from an insurance company. Today, achieving that goal requires a more strategic approach to compensation — one that involves balancing multiple avenues for collecting payment, and making sure each important medical bill or cost of injury is covered, as soon as possible and in the right order.

Mr. Frye and his staff have expertise in several areas of Maryland law. In addition to handling many auto, truck and motorcycle accident cases each year, they work with life insurance and disability insurance claims; workers compensation and social security claims; Federal tort claims, and Federal appeals.

Erik Frye has vast trial experience and a thorough understanding of the insurance industry as a whole: two distinguishing factors that contribute to his clients' success when they need it most.

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Lisa Santiago: Legal Secretary & Office Manager

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Lisa started her career in 1987 as a part-time file clerk in the offices of John B. Low. She was promoted to full-time Legal Secretary in 1989, where she worked until 1995.

Lisa then supported Mr. Erik Frye as Legal secretary starting in 1996, as the first full-time employee, where she has continued as both Legal Secretary and Office Manager for the last twenty-two years.

Lisa is an indispensable presence at the law offices of Erik D. Frye, and we are grateful for her experience, high level of competence, can-do attitude and sense of humor.

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Tammy Duley: Legal Assistant

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Tammy has eight years of experience leading the non-litigation work in the offices of Erik D. Frye.

She brings skill, stability, and professionalism to a difficult job. Tammy innately understands that the faster and more efficiently our staff can bring together a full and complete record for our clients, the sooner the case can be settled.

Tammy has a magic touch in obtaining hard-to-get records. She is persistent without being pushy; she brings an even temper and unflappable nature to our firm, helping make order out of chaos.

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Marion King, Paralegal/Office Manager

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Marion King, the firm's office manager and paralegal, actually hired Mr. Frye as a first-year law student back in 1989. He was extremely pleased to add her to his support staff in 2007 for five years, and to have her rejoin in 2016.

She supports Mr. Frye with cases before they require litigation, coordinating the proper acquisition of medical records and related critical materials.

Marion is a team player who brings deep experience to the team. In addition to her many skills and professionalism, she brings a rich sense of humor which is a welcome addition in the office.

Mrs. King has over 30 years of experience in the legal field. She has previous experience working with the police department.

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Ken McHargue: Legal Investigator

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Ken brings over thirty years of experience as a legal investigator to our offices.

He performs legal investigation supporting our clients. Ken's work includes conducting interviews, acquiring witness statements, and preserving evidence (including photographing injuries, vehicles, accident scenes, and so on). Ken also serve process and subpoenas when needed.

His jovial manner and relaxed demeanor are comforting to staff and clients alike, providing a calm atmosphere where professionalism is the order of the day.

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Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation at our Prince George's County office. We can be reached by telephone at (301) 780-9020.

The law offices of Erik D. Frye, P.A., represents clients in injury, workers' compensation and insurance litigation matters throughout southern Maryland and surrounding areas. This includes those in Prince George's County, Charles County, Calvert County and Montgomery County, as well as the cities of Upper Marlboro, Brandywine, Largo, Clinton, District Heights, Bowie, Crofton, Mitchellville, Greenbelt and Camp Springs.

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