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Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

Being involved in even a minor a motor vehicle accident has far-reaching affects on a person's day-to-day life. First, their body is injured, and they need to seek medical care. Complicating this is the fact that the vehicle used to get to work, home, or doctor appointments is now damaged and must be repaired. Many times, while incurring these additional expenses, the person is unable to work due to their injuries. It can be a very difficult time, even if the injuries are only temporary. Of course, being in a major accident can have lifetime consequences.

At the law offices of Erik D. Frye, we have handled thousands of injury cases caused by the negligence of other drivers. We understand that this is not as simple as collecting the bills and sending them to the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. To handle a claim effectively and efficiently, with the least imposition on your life, the assistance of an experienced attorney could help.

The first critical step after reporting an accident is that the at-fault driver's insurance company needs to accept that their insured caused the accident. Every day, people are involved in accidents in which fault seems clear, but by the time the at-fault driver speaks to the insurance company, their story suddenly changes. Therefore, a prompt and complete investigation must be conducted.

Our office will assist you in getting the right insurance company to pay for the damage to your vehicle; getting any property damage fixed quickly is important to affecting the level of inconvenience following your accident.

On the medical side, we monitor and discuss the nature and extent of your injuries with you. Having done this type of work for over 25 years, we are familiar with the normal process for healing, and ensure you are seen by the approriate types of health care providers. This could include a physical therapist or chiropractor for the most common "whiplash" injuries; or neurologists and surgeons for more serious injuries. Getting the proper medical care on a timely basis leads to the best healing and the least likelihood of permanent complications resulting from an accident.

Of course, the primary job of an attorney in an auto accident case is to ensure the case is properly valued. By following the steps above, and getting the proper documentation, we make sure that our clients not only have a good chance of a successful recovery health-wise, but we also present the strongest case for compensation — whether by settlement, or lawsuit.

The law offices of Erik D. Frye, P.A., represents clients in injury, workers' compensation and insurance litigation matters throughout southern Maryland and surrounding areas. This includes those in Prince George's County, Charles County, Calvert County and Montgomery County, as well as the cities of Upper Marlboro, Brandywine, Largo, Clinton, District Heights, Bowie, Crofton, Mitchellville, Greenbelt and Camp Springs.

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